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August Gathering—Next Steps

Our final intentional summer gathering on August 19 was a brilliant evening of community and imagination. Each person was invited to share the dream God has given them for UBC.

Stop and consider for just a second that each one of us has a dream that matters. From the oldest to the youngest among us, each dream matters. For within the dream God has given us are the passions, resources, hopes, and joys of our soul. When we dream, we allow ourselves to experience a greater reality than we are currently experiencing. When we dream, we allow God to give us a glimpse into the vitality of the Kingdom of God.

So what dream has God given you for UBC? How will this dream make UBC more successful? What will this dream require of us? What part will you play in seeing this dream become a reality?

Over the next several months, the Governing Board will be working through the various dreams shared at the Gathering. Our hope is to discover some of the common dreams, discern how these dreams will make UBC more successful, and work towards seeing these dreams become a reality.

In the same way, we will encounter some of the outlier dreams. What makes these dreams unique? What might God be telling us about the hope and future of UBC through these dreams?

We do not want creativity to be limited to those who were only able to attend the August Gathering. Therefore, we want you to take some time to answer the same questions.

Please take ten minutes to share the dream God has given you for UBC through completing this online form:

As we enter into this church-wide experience of sharing our dreams, my hope is that you will invest time in prayer and continue to flesh out this dream. I encourage you to share this dream with others and listen to their dreams. May we never be surprised by the brilliant things God can do when we enter into spiritual dialogue together in community.


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