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Dinner & Play

We are families with young children, so you can just assume our days are hectic. Whether we are home running after a toddler, working too many hours in the office, seeing patient after patient, or teaching a class full of students all day, it is a beautiful thing when we don’t have to figure out what’s for dinner.

Dinner and Play is a time to get our families together in a relaxed environment, catch up with other parents with what’s going on in your week, while our kids run around like maniacs (frowned upon at restaurants). My favorite part is how excited the kids are to see their friends during the week. My five year old knows when dinner and play is coming up, and he is on his best behavior that week looking forward to playing with his best friends. They run around, climb on everything (maybe that’s just mine), and completely wear themselves out (another perk: easy bedtime).

Dinner and Play has allowed us to form closer bonds with the people in our Sunday school class. Just by giving us a time to decompress and share a meal together, we have gotten to know each other on a deeper level. The reason we love UBC, and chose to become members, is the sense of community we feel, formed by opportunities like

Dinner and Play.

Lauren Clinard


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