Have we mentioned authentic community is essential for a healthy church?

“Community is the container within which our longing to be is fulfilled. Without the connectedness of community, we will continue to choose not to be.” – Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging

Community, it’s one of those overused buzz words. But what is it?

Is community as simple as a clump of houses in a neighborhood? Can it be purchased, packaged, manufactured?

Is it a set of businesses, schools, banks, and churches with a few roads in between?

Looking at the structure of the word itself, is it a noun or a verb set in motion each day?

How and where does community begin? Is it determined by the boundary lines of a town, neighborhood, or organization? Do these things even constitute community?

What if community is more to do with conversations, sharing experiences, and relationships?

What if community happens when we share a word of blessing or reconcile differences?

What if community is about tenderness and commonality, rather than dividing lines of differences?

Looking at a map there are clear and determined edges where our town ends and another one starts. But does a town constitute community?

What if community requires time, effort, resources, and presence, which aren’t always convenient and fast?

What if authentic community involves collaborative ownership, engagement, and responsibility?

Have we mentioned authentic community is essential for a healthy church? Are you engaging in it?


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