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Preparing For and Responding to Hurricane Laura

UBC and Friends of Our Faith Community, 

We hope you are well and prepared for Hurricane Laura. 

While we do not know the outcome of the storm in our area, we want to keep you informed of how you can get ahold of the staff and congregational leaders should an emergency or need arise. 

The church office will be closed on Thursday. 

The first place to go to contact a staff or congregational leader directly is through Realm, our online church database. Visit and put in your login credentials. Search for a person by name.

If you do not have access to Realm, please contact your Sunday School and Spiritual Formation leader, who can help direct your need to the church leadership.

The final option is to call the office. However, due to potential power loss, call forwarding might not work.  

Please join us in praying for our members, the Baton Rouge community, and the State of Louisiana. 

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