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The November Blessing Challenge

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Can you join me in saying that you have not been a fan of 2020? I’d gladly buy a ticket for a front seat to the “Hate 2020” concert!

The nature of this pandemic has created a lens by which we cannot help but see everything in our lives through it. Those that experience depression know the feeling of a ubiquitous dark cloud that follows above you wherever you go.

And yet, the nature of a journey with Jesus calls us to see through the malaise of conflict and uncertainty to find hope, joy, and thanksgiving. That sounds super tough right now.

Psychologists have found that the act of writing down or recognizing three things you are thankful for each day elevates your view of life and the world. A study has found that the level of joy goes up drastically when we name our blessings each day.

What’s even more interesting about the study is that if we express our gratitude and blessings to those connected to it, our joy goes up even more drastically.

With this in mind, I want to issue a November Blessing Challenge to UBC members and friends of our faith community. For the rest of the month, I challenge you to daily reach out to one person that has provided a blessing in your life. Start with the people closest to you, such as a spouse, your children, parents, or a best friend. But then expand your blessing circle to neighbors, coworkers, fellow church members, and acquaintances.

The act of reflecting on how the diverse relationships in your life have blessed you is an extraordinary feat of spiritual development. Then, the act of sharing your spiritual reflection is extending compassion, grace, and joy to others.

Imagine the number of blessings that can be lifted in prayer and conversations if each UBC member reached out to at least 20 people with the remaining days of the month.

If you are like me, you need to set a daily reminder to go off on your phone or right a sticky note that you’ll see on the mirror to succeed in the November Blessing Challenge.

So, pick up the phone to call or text, open a new email, take out the parchment for a letter, or knock on a door with a mask on to share with others the ways God has blessed you through them.


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