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Sharing Our Best Selves with UBC

Sometimes you just have to smile, chuckle a little, and take joy in what brings us together. Do you think we would have had the same turnout for Sunday’s Gathering if chicken talon soup would have been the center piece dish? But alas, they were crawfish and community that drew us to 5775 Highland Road for our largest church-wide gathering in my tenure.

Sunday was an intentional experience of getting to know our individual selves better and to affirm the giftedness we see in others. For those that missed, we took some time to draw the best stick figures of ourselves. We then considered our stories, gifts, talents, and assets; and we wrote our top four strengths down in a list. Our next step was to post these stick portraits on the walls of the Fellowship Hall, and invited others to write their affirmations and observations of our strengths.

The hope was to empower and help us us to realize that our stories and strengths matter. They matter for our lives. They matter for our journey with Jesus. They matter for this faith community.

Are we sharing our best self—our gifts, strengths, talents, assets, and story—with UBC? What would it look like to get connected with our faith community on a more authentic basis?

On Sunday, I offered a few challenges that I’d like to follow up on.

First, our pastoral staff would love to coach you through the process of identifying, harnessing, and engaging your God-given strengths. Contact the office to set up a coffee or lunch appointment with one of our staff.

Second, we have a catalog of opportunities for you to consider. From helping with the new International Friends program or the Arts Academy next winter to preparing meals once a month for the Off-Limits Theology Conversations, from greeting members and guests once per month to leading a Connect Group, and from holding babies in the MDO (with a background check of course) to practicing the ministry of presence at the Family Tree Café, there are a lot of unique ways to express your strengths within UBC. You can find a pdf of the catalog here ( or pick one up in the Narthex on Sundays.


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