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Strategic Growth Initiative’s Connect Groups Focus

Strategic Growth Initiative’s Connect Group and Spiritual Formation Focus

One of the primary focuses of the Strategic Growth Initiative will be a conversation about our Spiritual Formation programs and Connect Groups.

UBC has a healthy Sunday Spiritual Formation program, along with several weekday Bible study groups.

The SGI will examine how we are doing spiritual formation, what resources are being used, and what are the potential areas of growth.

The goal is to enhance the depth, variety, and fullness of the spiritual formation opportunities being offered to UBC members and friends of the faith community.

Connect Groups began in the fall of 2018 as an outlet for creating a safe and authentic community within and outside UBC.

Connect Groups are designed to foster community through like-interest connections. A variety of individuals gather around things they love to do with other people who also love to do same things, such as reading a book, cooking, cycling, swimming, art, and so on.

We have several active groups, including Book Club, Cycling and Swimming, Guitar Lessons, Ladies Group, Cooking Club, Golf Group, Guys Group, Midday Theology Group, Off-Limits Conversations, Singles Group, Playdate Group, and Running Group.

Part of the SGI will be to enhance the Connect Group system, recruiting of leaders, and marketing to members and non-members. The goal is to see Connect Groups as one of the primary forms of enhancing community within UBC and outreach to the community. More specifically, the goal is to have each member of UBC active in at least one group and actively inviting friends to join the group.

Get Connected with the Strategic Growth Initiative

The Strategic Growth Initiative (SGI) is an invitation into a tremendous conversation about who we are, why we do what we do, and how we might experience exponential growth. Conversations will lead to brainstorming, testing of ideas, discernment of God’s leadership, and maneuvering to step into new practices.

Each member of UBC, whether the newest among us or tenured, has something to bring to the conversation. Will you join the conversation?

Get connected with the SGI by downloading the most recently revised version of SGI (click here). A printed copy is also available in the narthex area.

On September 8, UBC will host an information session during the Sunday School hour at 9:00 AM. The goal is to help lay the foundation for the beginning of SGI process, as well as answer questions about the initiative and process. Donuts and coffee will be provided.

On September 22nd, UBC will host a church-wide gathering, at which we will focus on casting a vision for the initiative and have first meetings of various SGI teams.


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