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Support the Atlanta Mission Immersion Team

In just a few short weeks, the Atlanta Mission Immersion Team will venture from Baton Rouge to Georgia.

This intergenerational expression of UBC will encounter the work of serving those experiencing homelessness and drug rehabilitation, as well as the providing of food to those experiencing economic and age crisis. This will be a learning experience about how the Gospel is put into the context of an urban metropolis.

The team will be staying at Park Avenue Baptist Church, sharing meals and spiritual reflection, over a period of six days.

To support the work of the team, we are inviting members of UBC to consider spiritual, encouragement, and monetary support.

First and foremost, pray for the team and its partners, for safety in travel, for openness, and for flexibility. Pray that this experience broadens their worldview, understanding of the Gospel, and diversity of the Kingdom of God.

Consider donating a care package for the team, with items such as snacks, baked goods, fun toys, or other surprises. Items should be brought by the office by Thursday, June 4.

Consider donating to specific ministry or team related expenditures, such as a partnership meal $200, team meals $50, or general expenditures. Donations should be earmarked for Atlanta Mission Immersion.

Finally, the group will be departing on Sunday, June 9 at 10:00 am. Join us at the main entry outside of the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary to pray for and commission the group.


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