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The Pane: Being the Presence of Christ With Cleats, Painted Fields, and Cones

Churches pay ministry consultants millions of dollars per year to tell them how to reach their community more effectively. But, often with a “one-size fits all” mentality, congregations are informed of all the things they need to change about themselves and the hundreds of thousands of dollars they will need to spend to make it a reality. But what if connecting with our neighbor is as easy as spaying lines on a field, setting up some cones, and organizing a soccer academy? Did you know that since the spring of 2019, UBC has hosted six soccer academies on the church’s ball field? These six 6-week sessions have seen over 500 children, ages 2 to 10, on our campus to learn how to play the game. Stop and think about that for just a second. For not cost to UBC, except the time to organize and lead, our church has been able to minister to over 500 families! The UBC Soccer Academy has built a strong reputation for excellence through your support and service. And as we look to our seventh academy, beginning at the end of February, we want to continue to improve how we connect with participants by elevating our capacity to be the presence of Christ on six 1-hour Saturday sessions. We need your help by serving in various volunteer roles, such as checking in players, guiding age-based groups to activities, coaching, distributing water, or setting up. Our newest facet we’d like to launch this February is our Care Team, which will provide coffee and water to parents and spectators, sparking conversations and building relationships. Will you help us be the presence of Christ through the Soccer Academy? Sign up to help with one Saturday or as many Saturdays as you can here:


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