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The Pane: Support the Ecuador Mission Team at the February 6th Fundraiser Luncheon

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

UBC will send over 40 team members to Ecuador for an 8-day mission immersion in July. While 13 of these participants are from First Baptist Church of Clayton, North Carolina, the rest of the team is comprised of the young and the wise of our faith community.

Our time in Ecuador will be filled with installing water filtration systems, providing thousands of people with safe water in their remote communities, educating children, hosting medical and hygiene clinics, and learning from our Ecuadorian neighbors.

For each person to travel to Ecuador, it cost around $1,200. For the team to complete all the ministry projects, it cost approximately $9,000.

While not all UBC members can go with us to Ecuador, each person can do their part in helping make the mission immersion a reality. You can do this by attending the February 6th Fundraiser Luncheon.

In addition to an Ecuadorian-style meal being served, along with some kid-friendly options, there will also be a silent auction with various local business-related items and unique experiences.

You are invited to come with an open heart and generous spirit, donating towards the Ecuador partnership.

Please see attached link for more information:


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