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The Window: August 19, 2021

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The Pane: LIFE, a New Sermon Series Starting August 22

Our family has a tradition of playing board games on Sunday nights.

What is your favorite board game? When I was a kid, I loved setting up the game Mouse Trap, not playing it, but enjoying the interconnected system of the trap.

My favorite game as a kid was The Game of Life. I’m not sure why my 8-year-old self loved the idea of buying a mortgage, paying college tuition, or making career choices.

The makers at Hasbro might have perfectly encapsulated the metaphor of living in the 21st Century. At the beginning of the game, there are two distinct adult paths, the college path, and the career path. Along the way, you might land on “buy stock” or “have children” or “borrow from the bank” or “millionaire acres.”

Fun fact, the game's original version included the spaces ruin, poverty, gambling, prison, disgrace, and suicide; it Sounds like a fun game.

Do you ever feel like you are playing the game of life? Do you ever feel like your life is like pieces on a board in which the roll of the dice decides your fate?

Maybe you do not feel like the roll of the dice determines your fate but that your purpose every single day is to punch in at work, climb the advancement ladder, earn the paycheck so that you can have that dream home and car, taking that family on that dream vacation.

Maybe you feel like your life is like a pre-set game board over which you have no control over how it will all play out.

But is that what life is? Is this how things are supposed to be? Have you ever considered what the reason is behind all of this stuff?

This Sunday, we are starting a new series, “LIFE: A Conversation on the Meaning of Existence from the Book of Ecclesiastes.”

Join the conversation in worship and catch up with it on the weekly podcast.

Quarterly Business Meeting RESCHEDULED

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigated Zoom this past Sunday. Many members were unable to attend the meeting due to the technical difficulties on our end. The Quarterly Business Meeting has been rescheduled for THIS Sunday, August 22nd. Once again, you will be able to attend either in-person after the service, or virtually via Zoom. We hope to see you all there.

New Zoom Information:

Meeting ID: 923-023-2464

No Password needed.

Participate in CBF's General Assembly August 26-27

CBF will host another virtual annual gathering online. There are workshops, plenary sessions, and worship experiences that you can join online for free. For more information about the opportunity and to register for the event, visit https://


Make a Care Package for Highland Elementary Staff

We invite you to sign up to provide a care package for one of these 41 staff members. The care package should include candy, a $6 gift card to Lighthouse Coffee or CC’s, a small hand sanitizer bottle, lip balm, and something fun of your choosing.

We want to equip you to be the hands and feet of Jesus by pouring time, care, and attention into making one of these packages. This is why we are asking you to prepare the packages versus donating to the project.

Once you have purchased the items, drop by the church office to fill one of the official package bags, and write a personal note to put on the finishing touch. The office will be open on Sundays 9-11:30 am, and Monday through Thursday, 9 am-4:30 pm.

Become a Reading Friends Mentor at Highland Elementary: Training at UBC on August 29

Join our decades long partnership with Highland Elementary by signing up to being a reading mentor for the school’s EverBody Reads program. Volunteer reading friends commit to mentoring one student 30-minutes per week, September to May. UBC will host a training with East Baton Rouge’s VIPS department on Sunday, August 29 at 11:45 am, with lunch provided. There are three steps to sign up for the program:

  1. Sign up here for the August 29th Training: https://

  2. Complete the EBR Volunteer form: https:// 4bad1876-68fb-4cc6-aa23-57c8398dd008/1

Ecuador Mission Immersion

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