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The Window: August 31, 2023


Teacher Appreciation!


One of the goals of our ministry to Highland Elementary School is to encourage and show the faculty and staff that we appreciate their dedication to

educating the children who attend Highland.

At the beginning of each school year we like to give a small “Welcome Back to School” gift bag to each faculty and staff member. This year we have purchased a small gift to include in each bag and we need help from YOU to complete the bags with a $20 gift card from any business of your choice. It could be to a coffee house, a sandwich shop, a

car wash, a gift shop, Walmart, etc.

The choice is yours. Would you please consider purchasing one or more $20 gift cards and bringing them to the church office by September 10th? We need 45 gift cards. Thank you for your generosity, and know that these expressions of encouragement are appreciated and enjoyed by Highland’s faculty and staff members!


Women's Bible Study!


Holiday Closures!





Fall Gathering!


Family Tree Cafe


Now Open: Family Tree Café


Fall Soccer Academy

Sign up to volunteer here:


Youth Group

This Sunday evening is our last youth group with Justin! We encourage your youth to come from 4:30pm-6:30pm (our new youth group time) for games, pizza and wish Justin well! If you have questions, email Eric at


Prayer Web


Technical Volunteers Needed

You may not realize it, but a lot of work goes on behind the scenes each week to make worship happen! We are looking for volunteers who can offer at least one Sunday morning each week to help with the technical aspects of worship, including:

• Running the audio board

• Overseeing the slides for worship songs, responses, etc

• Panning and focusing the camera as necessary

• Helping oversee and troubleshoot the worship streaming to YouTube

No special skills or experience are necessary - we'll teach you everything

you need to know! We'd like to start a rotation schedule in

August that will help us know how to plan for Sundays.


Disaster Recovery and Response

Disaster Response and Recovery - Are you interested in being part of our congregation's assistance in responding and recovering from disasters? Here are two opportunities:

• We are developing a partnership with the community of Rolling Fork, MS as they are still in recovery from recent tornadoes. We'd like to take a trip there this fall to help - no specific date yet, we can set dates depending on our schedules.

• We are also recruiting members who are interested in general response to an event - whether something happens on our campus, or in the community. This can include physical help with cleanup, working at shelters, distribution and/or feeding stations, or offering general assistance to those affected. Many different trainings are available depending on your interest!



Worship will be held in the Chapel.


International Bible Study

Now is a great time to come to International Bible Study! This group is open to anyone who wants to understand the Bible better, whether you are a lifelong Christian, a new Christian, or have never read the Bible before! We welcome anyone, and there is no commitment to come! If you have questions, email Eric at


How To Give



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