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The Window: February 10th, 2022

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The Pane: Don’t Let March 2nd Catch You Unawares

“What’s your New Year’s resolution,” the question asked on December 31st leads to immediate panic as you realize that you haven’t come up with anything for this year.

I’m pretty sure that’s why everyone ends up picking from the following standard options because they didn’t think of anything before 10-minutes to midnight: A) Lose weight; B) Exercise regularly; C) Eat better; D) Spend more time with my family; E) Learn a new hobby, such as underwater basket weaving.

Have you ever had that feeling on Ash Wednesday, realizing that the Lenten season is here yet again and yet again you have not thought of something you’d like to give up for 40 days?

So, to help you get a jump start on your Lenten fasting commitment, I’m writing this to you 13 days before Ash Wednesday.

Why do people even give up something for Lent in the first place?

Modeled after Jesus’ fast in the wilderness for 40 days, participants are invited to prayer and repentance, fasting and contemplation, and sacrifice and giving. Lent is the ultimate season of renewal as we are transformed by drawing closer to Jesus.

Have you ever considered cutting something out of your life, temporarily or permanently, out of a sense of devotion to God?

Each individual has to contemplate what to do without for some time. It might be as difficult for some to cut out watching TV or drinking coffee. While for others, it might be as challenging as cutting out food and committing to periods of silence.