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The Window: May 6, 2021

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The Pane: Next is Next is Navigated with Faithful Agility

As churches consider what next looks like after the pandemic, it is effortless to be overwhelmed by all the rapid changes in our lives and the world around us. When you compound these changes with the disappointment of where we were before the pandemic, striding in a churchwide discernment process around strategic growth, these can be immobilizing thoughts.

However, we are not the first church to face uncertainty when we were so sure about who we are and what we were doing before all this started. Also, we certainly will not be the last church to face such ambiguity.

I’m reminded of a story for the Book of Acts, in which Paul and Barnabas successfully lobby the Apostles to not only include Gentiles into the church but get rid of the prerequisite circumcision requirement. Known as the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15, we learn that this monumental discernment process was then met with a Spirit-led decision to send Paul and his companions back to the churches they started to bring encouragement and teaching.

With the holy sanctioned decision of the Apostles, Paul and his companions set off to do as they were told, only to be met by a roadblock from the Spirit of God. It was frustratingly simple. God was not letting Paul go and do what the Apostles thought he where he supposed to go and do what he was supposed to do.

We learn that night that God gave Paul a vision of a man from Macedonia beckoning him to come to preach the Gospel to his people. With faithful agility, Paul followed the leadership of God into new possibilities. The results were the Gospel spreading like wildfire into Europe.

We are in uncharted territory. No one has been here before. But the Spirit of God, filled with wisdom, power, understanding, vision, and courage, can fill us with such things if we are willing, humble, and faithful.

Next is navigated with faithful agility. Are we open to the possibilities of what God has in store? Are we humble to be shaped and formed by God’s guidance? Are we faithful enough to boldly step forward together in where God is leading us?

We are more agile than you think.

An Open Conversation About Music, May 12

UBC musicians and friends are invited to join in a conversation about music at UBC. We will discuss how and when to reincorporate some musical elements into worship and consider new possibilities. This meeting is open to all, including any who have previously shared their musical gifts with UBC, those who might consider doing so in the future, or anyone who simply has an interest in the music at our church going forward.

This hybrid event will take place in person and online on Wednesday, May 12, at 6:15 p.m. Online participants can join via Zoom using the meeting ID 440 670 1580. The password for the meeting will be ubc.

Please notify Justin ( if you plan to attend the event in person, as this will help with planning.

Retirees' Luncheon, May 12 12:00 PM

Outdoor Yard Sale, May 15th

The UBC Ecuador Team will host an Outdoor Yard Sale on Saturday, May 15, 7:30-11:30 am. All proceeds will benefit the 2022 Ecuador Mission Immersion.

We are not collecting a particular list of items for the sale. Please do NOT bring the following items: Clothes, Kitchen Knick-Knacks, Silverware, Kitchen serving plates, Coffee Mugs and Cups, Books, VHS tapes, Large exercise equipment, Broken or not confident if it is not working items, Baby cribs and beddings, Baby car seats, Computers, Washers or Dryers, Magazines, In poor condition art and picture frames.

Before dropping an item off in the Chapel building's collection area, please stop by the church office for instructions. Contact the office to schedule the pick up of oversized items, such as furniture.

We also need three types of volunteers:

1. Organizers, pricing and pairing items on the day before the sale

2. Shift workers at the sale

3. Check-out clerks

You can sign up for one of these here or by calling the office:

Young Adults Night Out, May 21, 5:30-8 PM

Do you need some time with other young adults of UBC around your age on a Friday once per month? Join our Young Adults Night Out on the third Fridays, 5:30-8:00 pm, starting on May 21.

The group will gather at a local restaurant for outdoor dining. Realizing not everyone can arrive by 5:30 pm, plan on joining the group as you are able.

If you have kids, you can drop them off at the church, beginning at 5:15 pm, for dinner and activities for $10 for the first child and $5 for each additional child.

Please RSVP by Wednesday, May 19 here: The restaurant location will be text to you.


Help With Sunday Worship Stream Quality

UBC is currently investigating ways to improve the quality of our online video presence during Sunday worship gatherings. We are looking for people who are interested in helping in the design or execution of our Worship streaming experience.

Volunteers can help with many different aspects of the project including planning equipment, software, and workflow upgrades; equipment installation; running a camera; or just being part of a rotation that monitors the soundboard or keynote during worship on Sundays.

Prior experience in video production, live sound, or social media is welcome, but not required. We are willing to provide training, if needed. To volunteer, please contact Justin (

UBC’s Together After: Weekly Dialogue in Sunday School & Spiritual Formation Groups