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Welcoming Rev. Tanya Parks and Family to Baton Rouge

On July 1, University Baptist Church will welcome Rev. Tanya Parks to the ministry staff. We are excited and energized by this new chapter of our faith community as we receive Tanya off the mission field, after serving over 8-years in Slovakia.

“I see my first months as a time to listen and learn. I want to connect with people and learn about their stories. I want to hear about their gifts and find ways to see those gifts used in the church,” said Tanya.

Coming to Baton Rouge with Tanya is her husband Jon, their 16-year old daughter Abigail and 15-year old daughter Kaitlyn.

Tanya stated, “Our whole family is looking forward to opportunities to connect with people! We look forward to getting to know people through sharing meals, working alongside people doing projects around the church and community, and just time together.”

Tanya will serve as the Minister of Children and Retirees, a uniquely designed hybrid role. Working alongside children and their families, Tanya will cultivate opportunities for formation, relationships, missions, volunteering, and intergenerational connections. With retirees, she will focus mainly on two monthly initiatives for building relationships and outreach, as well as making intergenerational connections through the Barnabas Project.

“Whether it is children, their parents, or retirees, I look forward to hearing their stories and learning together about how God has gifted them,” added Tanya.

We want you to be a part of welcoming the Parks family to South Louisiana with hospitality and care. You are invited to sign up for one of ten care weeks. This is an opportunity to bring a meal or care package to the Parks family. You are encouraged to approach this with your unique personality and giftedness. Sign up for a care week by clicking on this link or calling the office:

As a dynamic, energetic, and gifted minister, I look forward to seeing our congregation and staff benefit from Tanya sharing her best self with us.


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