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You Are Something…Don’t Let That Go Too Much to Your Head

It’s true that we live in a me-centric world. That statement is not intended to be cynical or judgmental, but an observation of reality.

While Jesus has called us to put others before ourselves and to love others in the way that we love ourselves, we must also identify the unique and personal ways that we can fulfill his calling. In a sense, you are invited to be me-centric in discovering how vastly unique you really are.

Yes, your mother was right; you are special. God has uniquely equipped you with passions, gifts, strengths, resources, and experiences. Let’s be honest, that statement either sunk in way to easily for some or was met with profound resistance from others.

Nevertheless, you are a wonderfully extraordinary person, whose uniqueness interwoven with other unique individuals forms this astonishing thing called the church.

Stop and consider:

· What are three things you are naturally good at?

· What knowledge or expertise do you have?

· Which personal characteristics are you most proud of?

· Think about what you have done in the last week. What thing did you do that gave you the most energy and freedom?

As we have discovered through our series in Nehemiah, one person can help change the world. So how might you, oh you brilliantly unique person, change the world? How might you change your neighborhood?

Do you believe that you are equipped by God to make a difference? If so, step boldly forward in faith to radically love your neighbors and co-workers through simple and creative ways.

Partner together with us as we discover and live in simple and creative ways to build authentic relationships with our community. Connect Groups, Off-Limits Theology

Conversations, Family Tree Café, and the Soccer Academy Preview are a start.

You are invited to find the unique way you help make the vision of UBC a reality. Live into your brilliant uniqueness for a full life in Christ now.

You are something…Don’t let that go too much to your head.


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