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Fall Gathering, October 25 at 4:00 pm

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Fall Gathering, October 25 at 4:00 pm

While this year has brought many unexpected changes, we continue to find creative ways to come together safely. This year’s Fall Gathering will look different without the Chili Cook-Off, bountiful games, costume contest, and face-to-face interaction.

However, we have created three safe and engaging activities for all ages to engage. Participants will follow an organized flow of activities to keep everyone at a safe distance.

The first stop of the flow is a hayride around the front lawn for a fun excursion and a few laughs.

The next stop of the flow is a set of games to win a prizes.

Next, participants will walk through the Trunk or Treat. Not just for children, but also adults, participants will be spaced out and sent through a maze of cars, receiving treats from hosts, heaping praise in return, and casting a vote to allow the hosts to win the coveted Best Car Trophy prize.

Upon exiting, participants will stop by the photo booth and cast their vote for the Best Car before heading out for the evening.

Parking for the event will occur on the ball field side, with participants walking through the courtyard to enter the activity flow and exiting down Leeward to return to their cars.


Fall Gathering Trunk or Treat Hosts

Trunk or Treat Hosts decorate their car and pass out candy to participants from 4-5 pm. We need 20 cars to sign up by Wednesday, October 21.

The church will provide sanitizer, social distancing candy distribution tubes, and special instructions. Hosts must arrive by 3:15 pm.

This year’s hosts will have the opportunity to win the coveted Best Car Trophy prize.

Fall Gathering Parking Attendants

Four parking attendants are needed. Attendants will direct traffic to the ball field parking lot and through the courtyard entrance. Please sign up by Wednesday, October 21, with plans to arrive by 3:15 pm on the event's day.

Fall Gathering Hayride Drivers

This year’s hayride will feature a series of trucks or SUVs pulling trailers. If you have access to either type of vehicle or a short-bed trailer and are willing to serve, please sign up by Wednesday, October 21. Drivers will need to arrive by 3:15 pm on the day of the event.

To sign up to volunteer as a host, parking attendant, or hayride driver, click here:


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