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MDO-UBC Bridge Project

In the fall of 2012, University Baptist Church fully opened the Mother’s Day Out (MDO) with the hope of providing a loving, secure environment and a comprehensive curriculum based on sensory learning and individual learning styles.

Since 2012, the MDO has had a constant waiting list in many of the classrooms. The MDO has garnered an incredible reputation as a result of the excellent staff and directorial leadership.

Kim Kwan is a tremendous asset to this program by providing organized, insightful, and inclusive leadership.

In a step towards better ministering to the families of the MDO, the Personnel Committee promoted Deb McElgin from the Director of Children to the Minister of Children and Young Families. In an official capacity, Deb serves as the pastoral care provider to the MDO staff and families.

Over the last few months, the pastoral staff has been working on an MDO-UBC Bridge Project. The goal of the project is to provide better care for MDO staff, families, and students. While we want to respect the journey of each family enrolled in the MDO, we also want to make it abundantly clear that University Baptist Church is a safe and inclusive faith community for them.

Out of this project, several key initiatives have risen.

The pastoral staff will meet with the MDO staff on Tuesday mornings for a brief word of encouragement and prayer. During morning drop off, the pastoral staff will greet families at the door. The pastoral staff will also bring the morning prayer to chapel on Thursday and give notes of encouragement to MDO staff throughout the year.

We are surveying parents for interest in the existing parents Connect Group that meets once per month in the Café. Additionally, we are exploring new Connect Groups, such as walking, yoga, and dance fitness.

MDO families will receive up-to-date information about upcoming opportunities at UBC, including weekly activities, Gatherings, special events, and the soccer academy. In addition to weekly emails and print material, a new advertisement screen has been mounted at the entrance of the MDO.

But here is where you come in. We are looking for various Sunday Spiritual Formation groups and small groups to encourage MDO classrooms. Groups that sign up will adopt one MDO classroom for the school year by providing two touches per month. A touch might include a note of encouragement to the teacher and teacher assistant, special snacks for the classroom, bringing lunch to the teacher and teacher assistant, or another expression of love.

Please prayerfully consider being an Encourager Group to the MDO.

Contact Deb McElgin ( with questions or to register as a Encourager Group.

Please join us in praying for UBC's care for and nurturing of these families who have entrusted us with their children.


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