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The Natural Apprehension of Easter

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Imagine being one of the women heading to the tomb outside of Jerusalem just a few days after Jesus’ death. They had just witnessed one of the most brutal execution methods in human history.

The psychological trauma of that moment was seared into their brains as they also dealt with the emotional grief of losing the person they believed was going to change the world. Jesus had shown and told them many things, but all of that seemed to be done.

In a genuine sense, we can connect with these women as we contemplate the experience of this last year. There has been so much trauma, death, loss, and unwanted change. We’ve either experience the physical toll of the virus or know someone who has. We have either experienced the emotional toll of job loss, economic changes, and the uncertainty associated with these things or know someone who has.

And now, we are being told that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines are readily available, many businesses are starting to open up into new normal, and economic relief has come for millions.

But like the women on that first Easter morning, we might look to Sunday with some apprehension. But what if that is okay? What if what you are experiencing is a natural, God-given emotion? And what if that is exactly where God wants to meet you on this Easter Sunday?

So whether you are in a place of natural apprehension or a place of complete openness, we invite you to join our faith community in celebrating our need for resurrection this Sunday.

In recognizing that most of our people remain at home, we have created a way for all of us to safely contribute to the Easter worship experience by flowering the cross on UBC’s campus between 8:45 and 10 am. Hopefully, this will allow those remaining at home to participate and return home in time for the Spiritual Formation hour.

The cross will be located just outside the Sanctuary and Fellowship, next to the covered drive-thru. Participants will have a prompt for silent reflection and prayer before placing a flower provided onto the cross.

We ask that this be a silent and sacred space, leading us to a jubilant celebration in worship. Please wear a mask and keep a safe distance from other participants.

The cross will be moved inside the Sanctuary before worship, allowing it to the centerpiece of our celebration on this day of resurrection.

No matter where you are in your journey, the invitation of the resurrected Lord joins you there. May the Spirit give us a sense of openness and courage to receive the Lord.


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