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Maybe It’s Not About the Film But Experiencing It Together

If you asked me to tell you my favorite movie of all time, I’d probably respond with the question, “Which genre?” That’s a super complicated question because they are so many great films with a different feel and perspective.

It might surprise you to learn that the Star Wars saga, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, or the Harry Potter series do not land my top spots.

I have seen way too many movies in my lifetime; like all of the ones listed on the American Film Institutes' “Greatest Movies of All Time” list. I’d happily tell you all the ones that shouldn’t be on the list and all the ones that should be added.

But when I think about my top 10 favorite movies of all time, it’s not necessarily because I have seen them as much as who was with me. Whether it be with my brothers, parents, childhood friends, wife, or children, I have had some remarkable moments of experiencing stories with others.

You know, February 26th will mark the third time University Baptist Church has hosted a Drive-In Movie since the pandemic started. For some, it might seem silly to spend that kind of money just for people to watch a movie. For others, it might seem like something to pass on because we are not showing anything that you’d be interested in watching.

But have you stopped and considered that it’s not about the film but about experiencing it together?

Who cares if we watch an oldy but a goody or a new and silly family movie because it’s not about that.

What matters is that we were able to invest time together. What matters is that we opened our backyard to our community, inviting them in, showing them hospitality, and forging new relationships. What matters is that our people show up, supporting local businesses by buying food from a food truck. What matters is that we are willing to sacrifice one Friday night to give of ourselves to help make the experience a reality.

So, on February 26th, I invite you to join the many other people that I can cherish the memory of experiencing a movie together. Register in advanced or sign up to volunteer here:


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