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Strategic Growth Initiative’s Diverse Worship Experience Focus

Strategic Growth Initiative’s Diverse Worship Experience Focus

Starting in our days at the BSU and through the tenure of Dr. Harlan, University Baptist Church has a rich and vibrant history of music. At times, the vision of worship has been expressed through piano-led anthems, while other times we have belted out familiar hymns to the strum of a guitar.

There are a couple of things we know about our existing worship experience. We are enriched each week by a fine choir. We are blessed to host multiple LSU scholarship students. We are treated to the tunes of a men’s quartet.

At the same time, we have musically inclined members of the congregation that have yet to share their talents to add to a full worship experience. Additionally, we have not quite lived into the full potential of a collaborative partnership with musicians from the University, whether vocalists or instrumentalists.

As we engage this next chapter of our music worship experience, the goal is to create a diverse and rich musical experience that connects with all of our existing members and guests.

Many churches have struggled to find the sweet spot of music that touches the hearts of worship participants. Churches have swung back and forth between traditional, contemporary, and blended experiences.

The SGI team will consider what it looks like for us to step into a dynamic worship experience, considering what it would look like for UBC to incorporate the staple of the choir, the personal experience of singing new and known songs to familiar and new tunes, while engaging in moments of musical reflection to enhance the overarching focus of worship.

In other words, what would it look like for us not to be defined by a particular music model, but rather a diverse and rich musical experience that encompasses classic, contemporary, and experimental worship?

This is not an attempt to be all things to all people. Instead, the goal is for each worship participant to experience at least one song that speaks to their worship style.

Get Connected with the Strategic Growth Initiative

The Strategic Growth Initiative (SGI) is an invitation into a tremendous conversation about who we are, why we do what we do, and how we might experience exponential growth. Conversations will lead to brainstorming, testing of ideas, discernment of God’s leadership, and maneuvering to step into new practices.

Each member of UBC, whether the newest among us or tenured, has something to bring to the conversation. Will you join the conversation?

Get connected with the SGI by downloading an overview of the initiative HERE or pick a copy at the narthex. A revised version of the SGI is available, so please grab the copy of the latest version.

On September 8, UBC will host an information session during the Sunday School hour at 9:00 AM. The goal is to help lay the foundation for the beginning of SGI process, as well as answer questions about the initiative and process. Donuts and coffee will be provided.

On September 22nd, UBC will host a church-wide gathering, at which we will focus on casting a vision for the initiative and have first meetings of various SGI teams.


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