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The Pane: What Gets Us to a High Level of Thriving

If you recall the end of last season’s College Baseball playoffs, there was significant controversy. No, it was not that the Tigers lost a heartbreaker after clawing out a come from behind victory in the previous game.

The North Carolina State Wolfpack were ousted from the playoffs, not because of runs or wins. Instead, it was due to so many of their players tested positive for COVID-19. That is a disappointing and pandemic-logical way for a great team to end their season. So many experts had them pegged as potential winners for the College World Series, only to have it slip from their fingers on the edge of greatness.

The NC State Wolfpacks of the world are far too common in life. Sometimes you can have all the right pieces in place for success and thriving, only to have something unexpected detour the road ahead.

University Baptist Church is a faith community with all the right pieces in place that can lead to a higher thriving level.

First and foremost, we have the most extraordinary people in Louisiana who care deeply for each other. We have a legacy of creativity and innovation, a sprawling campus of space and grounds, as well as a lack of financial debt and entanglements. We are ideally placed right in the middle of the shadow of LSU, a growing residential and commercial sector, and prominent neighborhoods. Finally, we have an openness to the Spirit of God’s leadership to guide us.

UBC has terrific connections in the community, from the Mother’s Day Out Program to English Conversations, from advocating locally for the equal rights of our neighbors to the Soccer Academy, from ongoing Space Partnerships with fitness and art classes to free Family Tree Café, and from decades-long friendships to an incarnational presence at Highland Elementary School.

We strive to enhance our capacity to love, care for, and nurture people of all ages, whether they be the traditionalists generation that built the foundation of where we are today, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, or Millennials.

We are earnestly seeking to grow this congregation because we have the resources, the giftedness, and the passion among our people to have a more significant impact on Baton Rouge today than ever before.

We are stepping boldly into a new and unfamiliar future that looks very different from the past. Yet, we are fixing our eyes on Jesus as he leads us into new ways of meeting and loving our neighbor, growing in our spiritual journey, and becoming a beautiful expression of the church.

We need everyone, not a select sampling of UBC, to bring their best selves to what we are doing and where we are going.

What part will you play in the success of the church?

Will you prayerfully consider helping us sustain and support future growth by volunteering your time with UBC? Check out for more information.


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