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UBC Together After: Bold Faithfulness for Discerning New Beginnings

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Do you remember when 2020 was going to be the year that we saw clearly? How many organizations used the pun of perfect vision (20-20) as a way to cast a vision of new possibilities? I know I did, starting the New Year with a series that paralleled our Strategic Growth Initiatives focus.

And so, we launched into 2020 in full stride of our churchwide Strategic Growth Initiative (SGI). We had ten teams considering how we might be more effective in reaching each age-demographic represented within the church, growing the MDO, enhancing our Spiritual Formation opportunities, and rethinking how we encounter new guests. Along with the SGI, many existing and new ministry initiatives were humming along.

But what’s that familiar passage, “Many are the plans of human hearts…” This pandemic has rocked the world, churches not exempt. However, the bulk of UBC has remained faithful in participating and contributing their time, resources, and relational capacity. We have done our best to stay connected, even though it would be easy to give up. I believe our authentic relational connections will springboard us into thriving post-pandemic.

Before next arrives at our doorstep, we need to consider what it will look like and how we will embrace it together. Therefore, we are starting an opportunity for creative spiritual conversations to discern what is next. I’m calling it “UBC Together After: Bold Faithfulness for Discerning New Beginnings.”

What is beginning to take shape is a creative think tank for members of the congregation and pastoral staff to engage in meaningful conversation about how we come together and prioritize our focus in the next year. In the coming weeks, we will begin to provide more details about how you can participate.

While this idea's concept is beginning to take shape, we invite you to pray for our faith community as we start to consider how "next" will take shape. We also want you to pray for yourself and the role you will play in "next" as an integral piece of the puzzle that makes up University Baptist Church.


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