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Celebrating Kim Kwan

When I was walking through the Pastor Search Process, one of the team's boasting points was the Mother’s Day Out program. I kept glowingly hearing the name “Kim.”

When Jennifer and I came in for my top-secret site visit weekend, the Pastor Search Team took us around what they thought was an empty church campus. They quickly whisked us past Kim’s office when they realized she was in there.

I finally had a chance to meet Kim Kwan on my call weekend. I remember being immediately blown away by her poise, wisdom, and clear vision of the MDO.

In the first few months of my tenure, while trying to get my head around my role and leadership at the church, I always felt this sense of ease, knowing with confidence that the MDO program was under her fantastic direction.

While the Kwan family has been a part of UBC for many years, Kim took on a new role when the child development centered reopened as a Mother’s Day Out program; First teaching in the classroom, then taking over as the director in 2016.

Under Kim’s leadership, the MDO has garnered a reputation of excellence, quality, and sustainability. She has consistently broadened the staff's depth, leveraging their giftedness for the benefit of the children and families that entrust in UBC.

Kim has tirelessly expanded the program's scope, leading the conversation around MDO expansion in the years to come.

While Kim has stepped away from the program to better care for her parents, we will continue to see her mark on it for years.

Please join me in celebrating Kim Kwan.


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