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The Window: October 21, 2021

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

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The Pane: New Sermon Series Starts Sunday,

“The Little-Big Things”

In 1997, the top-grossing movies were Men in Black, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Liar Liar, and Airforce One.

As Harrison Ford yelled at Gary Oldman, “Get off my plane,” and punched him in the face, the corporate titans at Blockbuster video were laughing their way to the bank. They held the home video industry in a tight grip of control and enormous profit.

That same year, two buddies started a fledgling company that took a chance on new video technology called DVDs. They had faith that VHS tapes would be a thing of the past and that the American consumer would be willing to purchase a brand-new DVD player to watch movies at home.

They started Netflix as one of the first home delivery DVD services, allowing patrons to rent a movie and simply drop it in the mail when they finished watching it.

And when their fledgling company skyrocketed to the top and toppled the Blockbusters of the world, they saw beyond the mail-to-home video option and innovatively considered an online on-demand possibility instead.

Nowadays, Netflix is synonymous with streaming, on-demand, and original content. Netflix is the primary driver behind why many have cut the cable cord and why all major networks have developed their streaming services.

As of July 2021, Netflix had 209 million subscribers, including 72 million in the United States and Canada.

We look at company’s like Netflix and believe that it takes enormous, organizational shifting steps to be successful. But what if it is not the huge changes that make a difference but the little-big things?

More often than not, when we look at the success and failure of a church, we believe it takes tremendously huge, overhauling changes. And so, churches will either subjugate themselves to change their entire identity to model themselves after the latest fastest-growing church, or they will settle into immobility, not wanting to compromise their identity.

We have convinced ourselves that the difference between one thriving church and one failing is a different as night and day.

But what if what separates successful churches and failing churches is relatively small? What if the difference between thriving and floundering focuses on subtle and small things that make an incredible difference?

On Sunday, October 31st, we are starting a new conversation, “The Little-Big Things: How Shared Spirit-Led Commitment Drives Oversized Results.”

Over the next six weeks, we will journey through the Book of Acts who hosts a repetitive statement not found in any of the rest of the New Testament letters: And the church grew in numbers.

Fall Gathering Save the Date

UBC will host its annual Fall Gathering on October 24th with an afternoon of hayrides, games, trunk or treat, and chili cook-off for all ages. We hope you will consider now inviting others to attend, volunteer for an activity, or enter the chili cook-off competition.

Fall Gathering Volunteers Needed

With UBC’s Fall Gathering right around the corner, we need a lot of volunteers to make the event a reality.

Click the image above for information on how to sign-up and for volunteer guides.

Fall Gathering Chili Cook-Off

Click the image above to sign-up.


Ecuador Mission Immersion

The invitation is open to join the growing team heading to Ecuador in July of 2022.

Form more information, click on the image above.

Reading Friends Volunteer Training

The training luncheon for Highland Elementary’s EveryBody Reads program has been rescheduled for Sunday, November 14th after the service.

To sign-up, click on the image above.

Highland Thanksgiving Meal Project

For information on how to help, click on the image above.

UBC Stained-Glass Christmas Ornaments

For informant how to purchase your ornament, click the image above.


Grand Re-Opening of the Family Tree Café

After months of closure, the Family Tree Café will reopen on October 4th with a creative redesign.

We are still looking for volunteers in the café on Mondays-Thursdays, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Learn more by clicking the image above.

Stop by the Soccer Academy

The UBC Soccer Academy is underway. With over 60 children participating, we have the unique opportunity to be the presence of Jesus to dozens of families. Even if you are not volunteering, you are invited to stop by on a Saturday, 9-10 am, to connect with participants.

Barnabas Project Sundays

Are you in a Barnabas Projection connection? The Barnabas Project is an intergenerational connection between retirees and children with their families at UBC.

Click the image above for more information.


We Need Your Help as Our Church Grows

As out church continues to grow, we need your help. Consider volunteering for one of the above.

UBC Choir is Back- Everyone's Welcome

The choir is back! We are currently rehearsing Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Music Suite. All are welcome. Previous experience not required. Safety precautions include masks and distancing. Join us!

Contact for more information.


Thursday Prayer Group Returning TODAY!

Starting on October 21, the group will meet every Thursday at 12:30pm over Zoom. We will be reading The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri J.M. Nouwen.

Zoom Information:

Zoom ID: 570-645-5793

Password: ubc

Even if you miss the first meeting, you are welcome to join at any time!


Worship in the Sanctuary this Sunday, October 24th

Contact for more information.


Spiritual Formation Series

For more information on the series, click on the image above.


Save the Date for Youth Fundraiser Sale

UBC's youth will be offering crafts, plants, and baked goods for sale on the Sundays above. All proceeds will go to support hurricane relief.


Save The Dates

How To Give


Mask Policy Update

UBC once again recommends both vaccinated and unvaccinated participants wear a mask while indoors on campus.

We invite you to sign up to provide a care package for one of these 41 staff members. The care package should include candy, a $6 gift card to Lighthouse Coffee or CC’s, a small hand sanitizer bottle, lip balm, and something fun of your choosing.

We want to equip you to be the hands and feet of Jesus by pouring time, care, and attention into making one of these packages. This is why we are asking you to prepare the packages versus donating to the project.

Once you have purchased the items, drop by the church office to fill one of the official package bags, and write a personal note to put on the finishing touch. The office will be open on Sundays 9-11:30 am, and Monday through Thursday, 9 am-4:30 pm.


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