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UBC Arts & Soccer Academy Survey

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Spring is around the corner, which means many families are gearing up for a season of sports.

We are curious if some families are looking for something different. Would you be interested in a seasonal soccer and/or arts academy?

We know many youth activities interfere with weeknight routines and weekends.

Would you be interested in a program that combines practice and play in one session per week? 

Soccer Academy Academy style soccer removes the focus on teams or on wins vs. losses, rather we place emphasis on player development. Instead of each coach being assigned a few players and the age group divided into smaller, season-long teams, all players of each age group receive the same color jersey and are considered to be part of one larger team. Each time the children gather to play, they will be divided into a new "team" to allow for a variety of interaction and experiential learning.  Eventually, players will be rated by skill level and divided into groups of like ability. Competing against players of like ability creates appropriate resistance, increases touches on the ball and allows each player the opportunity to apply skills learned in a live game situation. Since players develop at different rates, they are continually assessed weekly throughout the season, and adjustments are made to group assignments as individual skill levels change. Coaches are less focused on managing a team and more focused on developing all players assigned to his/her field of play. There will be one coach assigned to one field with two teams. Coaches manage the games, stop for player development conversations, and redivided teams during play based on display of skill level. 

Arts Academy

Providing your child with well rounded art opportunities can be a challenge. An art academy is experiential in nature, giving your child an opportunity to participate in a variety of art forms in one setting. 

Participants will rotate through three 30-minute stations: 1) Music; 2) Acting ; 3) Art.  Over the six-to-eight week academy, participants will have the opportunity to develop personal interest, creativity, self-awareness, and confidence. 

Survey  If interested in either of these programs, please take this quick survey:

Do you have friends who would be interested in these programs? If so, please share this survey link.

Our goal is to start the Soccer Academy in the spring of 2019, followed by a fall Soccer Academy and winter Arts Academy. 


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